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Spring Into Summer Macaron Gift Pack (New Item)
Flavors: Strawberry, Blood Orange, Green Apple Caramel, Lemon Ice Tea
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Asst Spring into Summer / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-SPRING-32 32 ea / cs

Spring Into Summer Macaron Assortment (New Item)
Flavors: Strawberry, Blood Orange, Green Apple Caramel, Lemon Ice Tea
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Asst Spring into Summer / 80 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-SPRING-80 80 ea / cs
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Green Apple Caramel / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-GAC-32 32 ea / cs
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Lemon Ice Tea / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-LM-32 32 ea / cs
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Blood Orange / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-BO-32 32 ea / cs
(2*) Cookies, Euro Macaron, Strawberry / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-STW-32 32 ea / cs

Croissant Dough, Sheet 5"x5" (New Item)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Croissant Dough, All Natural, Sheet, 5"x5" /120CR092-NAT 120 ea / cs

Golden Raisin Scone (New Item)
Preformed Frozen Triangle Dough
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Scones, Golden Raisin Triangle 4oz / 72BR008 72 ea / cs

Kouign Amann (New Item)
This is the latest craze in the world of pastries. And why shouldn’t it be? Imagine a caramelized croissant, with a burnished exterior. One bite and you are transported into the deep pockets lavished with a sinful mix of creamy butter and sugar.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Croissant, Kouign-amann, 2.5 oz / 20 (Sealed Fresh)CRB085-20TS 20 ea / try

Pretzel Croissant (New Item)
Sealed Fresh Bake™, all natural and fully baked
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Croissant, Pretzel, Large 3oz / 11 (Sealed Fresh)CRB003-PZL-11TS 11 ea / try

Dessert Cups (New Item)
Refrigeration needed
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Chocolate Mousse Cup, 4.5oz, PrePack / 6PA073-6PP 6 ea / cs
Tiramisu Cup, 5.25oz, PrePack / 6PA864-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, No Sugar Added Cheesecake Bite / 6PA177-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, Mango & Pomegranate, 6/csPA173-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, Cappuccino Hazelnut, 6/csPA174-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, Four Berry Mousse, 6/csPA175-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, Carrot Cheese Bite / 6PA176-6PP 6 ea / cs
Cup, Tres Leches Strawberry / 6PA084-6PP 6 ea / cs

Mini Cupcake Assortment (New Item)
If you just want a nibble of the tempting treats, Le Chef offers a mini version. They may be small in size, but they are big in taste and charm. (double chocolate, espresso, red velvet, vanilla bean and orange chocolate)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Mini Cup Cake Assortment, 0.9oz/48pMP080 48 ea / cs
Mini Cupcake, Double Chocolate /48pcMP079 48 ea / cs
Mini Cupcake, Red Velvet / 48 pcMP035 48 ea / cs
Mini Cupcake, Vanilla Bean / 48pcMP083 48 ea / cs
Mini Cupcake, Orange Chocolate/ 48MP143 48 ea / cs
Mini Cupcake, Espresso/ 48MP144 48 ea / cs

Espresso Individual Cupcake (New Item)
This one will make you sit up and take notice. The java twist in this cup of joy will lure, entice, and hook you.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind. Cupcake, Espresso/ 20PA179 20 ea / cs

Double Chocolate Individual Cupcake (New Item)
What’s better than chocolate? Double the chocolate. You’re going to love every little crumb of this scrumptious treasure.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind. Cupcake, Double Chocolate/ 20PA182 20 ea / cs

Vanilla Bean Individual Cupcake (New Item)
Pure vanilla flavor plays up a classic vanilla bean buttercream to match in this creamy and dreamy heavenly cupcake. They’re guaranteed to be a hit with kids – and adults!
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind. Cupcake, Vanilla Bean/ 20PA114 20 ea / cs

Orange Chocolate Individual Cupcake (New Item)
In the mood for something fruity and flirty? A citrus kick pumps up the excitement in this chocolate treat.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind. Cupcake, Orange Chocolate/ 20PA178 20 ea / cs

Red Velvet Individual Cupcake (New Item)
A gorgeous burst of red dances with decadent chocolate and luscious cream-cheese frosting to present a sliver of heaven.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind. Cupcake, Red Velvet / 20PA111 20 ea / cs
Mini Chessecakes Available in Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Tiple Chocolate, Creme Brulee   Croissant Donut Sheet, Cronut
European Macaroon Cookies
Gourmet and Specialty Cookies
european macarons All Natural All Natural Dough
For the more health-conscious, Le Chef offers the All Natural Macarons, available in Pistachio, Orange-Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cappuccino Chocolate.
  Mini Cheesecakes: Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Triple Chocolate, Creme Brulee
Danish Assortment
mini classic Assortment
8 Bear Claws, 8 Chocolate Croissants, 8 Blueberry Square Danishes, 8 Apricot Square Danishes, 8 Cinnamon Rolls, 8 Strawberry Cheese Filled Croissants
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