BREADS Authentic German Pretzels
After receiving training in the art of pretzel making by prestigious German Master Baker Karl Stollenmeier, Le Chef proudly debuts our new collection of addictively chewy, authentic German pretzels. In 1991, a 26-year-old Stollenmeier launched his modest bakery with five employees. Armed with a sense of hard work and commitment that echoes Le Chef’s creed, Bakery Stollenmeier’s workforce has expanded to more than 50 employees. The signature German pretzel garnered Stollenmeier and his bakery widespread acclaim. Now the master baker has teamed with Le Chef to introduce Americans to the ultimate German-pretzel experience. The distinctively soft and supple texture of Le Chef’s golden pretzel is so genuinely German, you’ll think you’ve been transported to Europe after just one bite.

German Pretzel Hamburger Bun (All Natural)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
German Pretzel, Hamburger Bun, All Nat, 3.5oz / 48PZL007-48 48 ea / cs

German Pretzel Hoagie (All Natural)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Pretzel, Hoagie, 4oz/48PZL005-48 48 ea / cs

German Pretzel Roll (All Natural)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
German Pretzel, Roll, All Nat, 2oz / 40 pcsPZL004-40 40 ea / cs

German Pretzel Stick (All Natural)
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
German Pretzel, Mini Stick, All Nat, 1oz /100PZL006-100 100 ea / cs
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