Holiday Items Season Greeting

Holiday Cookie Assortment
For the sweetest ones on your list: shortbread cookies, butter cookie, macaroons, European macarons, and biscottis.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Holiday Cookie Gift Box, Ambient storage / 32SPHCKASST-AMB 32 ea / cs

Holiday European Macaron Assortment
Delightfully crispy on the outside and succulently chewy on the inside, these macarons may be small, but they make powerful impressions! Flavors: Egg Nog, Gingerbread, Chocolate Peppermint and Red Velvet
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Holiday European Macaroons Asst / 32SPHCKASST-EUMR-32 32 ea / cs

Asian Inspired European Macaron Assortment
Le Chef marries traditional Asian flavors with the sophisticated French macaron to create an exciting and edgy collection! The arousing nuances in flavor and texture transform these colorful confections into a feast for the eyes… and taste buds. Flavors: Green Tea, Pineapple Coconut, Chai Tea Latte, Black Sesame.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Euro Macaron, Assorted Asian Flavors / 32 (KEEP REFRIGERATED)CKBEURO-ASIAN-32 32 ea / cs

Gingerbread Cookie Assortment
Shapes: Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree and Gingerbread House
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Ginger Bread Assortment / 40 HOLIDAYSPHCKASST-GB 40 ea / cs
(2*)Cookies Gingerbread Snow Man No Decoration/40SPHCKGB-SNW-ND 40 ea / cs
(2*)Cookies Gingerbread Man Undecorated/ 40SPHCKGB-MAN-ND 40 ea / cs
(2*)Cookies Gingerbread Tree Undecorated/40SPHCKGB-TRE-ND 40 ea / cs
(2*)Cookies Gingerbread, House Undecorated/40SPHCKGB-HSE-ND 40 ea / cs

Christmas Shortbread Cookie Assortment
Delicious and fun to eat, these creamy shortbread biscuits feature merry images from the holiday season. They’re sure to delight children and unleash the inner child in every adult.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, X'mas Short Bread Cookie Assrt / 64SPHCKASST-XMAS 64 ea / cs

Holiday Butter Cookie Assortment
Strongly resembling the English teacakes and Scottish shortbread, Le Chef’s butter cookies are packed with powerful punch. Even the most petite ones will satisfy your cravings!
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Holiday Filled Butter Assortment / 100SPHC016 100 ea / cs
Cookies, Holiday Plain Butter Assortment /180SPHC016-NF 180 ea / cs

Mexican Wedding Cookie
These cookies are rich with the Mexican culture, customs, and color. Powdered sugar adds an elegant flair to the flavorful bites.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Mexican Wedding /75CK030-75 75 ea / cs

Cherry Pistachio Biscotti
This vibrant confection is a must for holiday gatherings, thanks to a gentle splash of rum, which gives this treat extra kick and energy.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Biscotti, Cherry Pistachio /18SPHC108 18 ea / cs
Biscotti, Cherry Pistachio Mini / 54SPHC108-MINI 54 ea / cs

Coconut Macaron
A chewy, moist and sweet confection, the macaroon is not only delicious but also fun to eat. Play it simple with plain coconut or play it up with one dipped in chocolate.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Cookies, Coconut Macaroon, Large / 36CKB008-36 36 ea / cs
Cookies, Coconut Macaroon, Small / 72CKB008-72 72 ea / cs
Cookies, Coconut Macaroon, Petite / 60CKB008-60 60 ea / cs
Cookies, Choc Coconut, Macaroon, Large / 36CKB005-36 36 ea / cs
Cookies, Choc Coconut, Macaroon, Small / 72CKB005-72 72 ea / cs

Holiday Signature Cookie
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
(2*)Cookies, Baked Cranberry with White Chocolate Chip, 2oz/60B-20023 60 ea / cs
(2*)Cookies, Baked Chocolate Peppermint, 2oz/60B-20024 60 ea / cs
Mini Chessecakes Available in Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Tiple Chocolate, Creme Brulee   Croissant Donut Sheet, Cronut
European Macaroon Cookies
Gourmet and Specialty Cookies
european macarons All Natural All Natural Dough
For the more health-conscious, Le Chef offers the All Natural Macarons, available in Pistachio, Orange-Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cappuccino Chocolate.
  Mini Cheesecakes: Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Triple Chocolate, Creme Brulee
Danish Assortment
mini classic Assortment
8 Bear Claws, 8 Chocolate Croissants, 8 Blueberry Square Danishes, 8 Apricot Square Danishes, 8 Cinnamon Rolls, 8 Strawberry Cheese Filled Croissants
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