Desserts Individual Pastries (Mousses)

Mango Coconut Passion Fruit Mousse (Individual Pastry Mousse)
The delicately creamy mango and passion fruit mousse sets a powerful stage for the coconut macaroon center and passion fruit-soaked sponge cake.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind Pastry, Mango Coconut Passion Fruit Mousse / 12PA156 12 ea / cs

Crème Brûlée Cappuccino (Indvidual Pastry Mousse)
Smoothly creamy, Le Chef’s Crème Brulee Cappuccino is a burst of heaven. Layers of velvety mocha mousse and coffee brulee adorn a cake foundation, punctuated by an ever-so-subtle hint of brandy.

Berries & Cream Mousse (Indvidual Pastry Mousse)
It’s an eye-pleasing marriage between lush white chocolate and plush raspberry mousse in this mouth-watering delicacy, which explodes with bold imagination and smoothness.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind Pastry, Berries & Cream / 12PA003 12 ea / cs

Tres Leches (Individual Pastry Mousse)
This traditional Mexican cake literally means “three milks.” The cake is moist and lightly sweet while the filling is delicious and memorable. A splash of whipped topping puts the finishing touches on a piece of perfection.
DescriptionCode Pk. Size
Ind Pastry, Tres Leches Strawberry /12PA084 12 ea / cs

Tres Leches Pineapple (Individual Pastry Mousse)
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Mini Chessecakes Available in Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Tiple Chocolate, Creme Brulee   Croissant Donut Sheet, Cronut
European Macaroon Cookies
Gourmet and Specialty Cookies
european macarons All Natural All Natural Dough
For the more health-conscious, Le Chef offers the All Natural Macarons, available in Pistachio, Orange-Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cappuccino Chocolate.
  Mini Cheesecakes: Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Triple Chocolate, Creme Brulee
Danish Assortment
mini classic Assortment
8 Bear Claws, 8 Chocolate Croissants, 8 Blueberry Square Danishes, 8 Apricot Square Danishes, 8 Cinnamon Rolls, 8 Strawberry Cheese Filled Croissants
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