SEALED FRESH BAKE™ Croissant & Danish Assortments
The croissant, a buttery and flaky pastry named for its distinctive crescent form, has been around since the Middle Ages. Its versatility and distinguishing shape have made it a widely recognized French pastry in much of the world. In the United States, the croissant has quickly become a breakfast rival to America’s longtime favorite: the donut.

Mini Gourmet Breakfast Assortment, Large Tray (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
Mini Breakfast Assortment 14 mini chocolate, 7 mini square blueberry danish, 7 mini square custard cream danish, 14 mini morning roll and 14 mini dulce de leche
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Croissant, Gourmet Breakfast Mini Assortment / 56 (Sealed Fresh)CRBASST-MINI-G-56TS
56 ea / try

Mini Morning Delight Breakfast Assortment (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
Dulce De Leche, Tres Leches Mango, Guava, Tres Leches Blueberry, Morning Roll, Tres Leches Apple
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Breakfast Pastries Mini Morning Delight Assortment /48 (Sealed Fresh)BRBASST-MINI-D-48TS
48 pc / try

Twist Medium Assortment Danish, Small Tray (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
3 pcs each: Apple, Cheese, Cherry, Apricot or Peach
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Danish Twist Assortment, Medium 2oz / 12 (Sealed Fresh)DAB001-12TS
12 ea / try

Breakfast Classic Medium Danish Assortment, Large Tray (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
6 pcs each: Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate, Round Danish, Bear Claw and Raspberry Cheese (Note: contain tree nuts)
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Danish, Breakfast Classic Medium Assortment/ 30 (Sealed Fresh)DAB104-30TS
30 ea / try

Breakfast, Pastry Medium Assortment, Large Tray (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
4 pcs each: Cinnamon Bun, Custard Cream Raisin Roll, Round Danish, Bear Claw, Open Cheese Pocket (Note: contain tree nuts)
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Breakfast Pastries Medium Assortment / 20 (Sealed Fresh)BRBASST-20TS
20 ea / try

Large Assortment Danish, Large Tray (Sealed Fresh Bake™)
4 pcs each: Open Cheese Pocket, Bear Claw, Custard Cream Raisin Roll, Cinnamon Rolls (Note: contain tree nuts)
DescriptionCode  Pk. Size
Danish, Assortment, Large /16 (Sealed Fresh)DABASST-LG-16TS
16 ea / cs
Mini Chessecakes Available in Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Tiple Chocolate, Creme Brulee   Croissant Donut Sheet, Cronut
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european macarons All Natural All Natural Dough
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  Mini Cheesecakes: Mixed Berries, Pumpkin, New York, Triple Chocolate, Creme Brulee
Danish Assortment
mini classic Assortment
8 Bear Claws, 8 Chocolate Croissants, 8 Blueberry Square Danishes, 8 Apricot Square Danishes, 8 Cinnamon Rolls, 8 Strawberry Cheese Filled Croissants
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